This page is dedicated to those people who have visited us at Makutsi and those thinking of visiting us in the future. We hope you enjoy the beautiful photos that have been taken by our guests whilst on Makutsi & the videos that some guests have posted. We also add our Makutsi Newsletter as well as some of the wonderful (and helpful) feedback we have received. We hope you enjoy, and come back to this page regularly.

For those who want to send us any images, links or feedback, please email them to: Friends of Makutsi



I know have been home for 2 month and wanted you to know how pleased i was with my trip to Makutsi.

I finally got to experience one of the dreams I have had for many years. Getting to go on safari to South Africa, it was a fantastic trip, you are amazing! The area, accommodation, food, guides and you who run this amazing place. What warmth and always with a smile.

I also had the good fortune to experience the big five on the tour to the Kruger Park and a little extra excitement then we got car problem inside a pack of lions … fortunately our guide Jonas was calm (although we all probably had a little extra pulse for a while there) I will absolutely return to this paradise.

The accommodation at the tent camp was a separate trial of strength for me as I traveled alone and to sleep by myself in the tent at night with a lot of new sounds….scary…. I am incredibly proud that I did it. 

Please send a wintry greeting from Sweden to Nikky (who live up there at the tented camp and work as a “ranger”)  he made me feel safe. If You could let him know i said HI it would make me happy! 

…. Hope to see you all soon again.

Love, Susanne from Sweden!



We absolutely loved staying at Makutsi – this was the highlight for us; especially all the safari options and the friendly, genuine service that was offered to all guests. The walking safari was exceptionally good too!! We loved the accommodation style (quite laid back/simplistic…but with the animals coming in and out of the park at any time – thrilling!). I could go on and on but I’m sure you get this type of feed back all the time. We cant wait to go back in a few years!

Lisa and David Boyd


Dear Karen, Heike and other Makutsi people.

Back in Australia now and reflecting on our WONDERFUL stay at Makutsi Safari Springs in October. We have been broadcasting to all our friends how much we enjoyed our stay and how well organised  the whole program  was run.
Attached are some staff photos which we promised to send to your people. I  hope you have time to share with  them as they were very special to us. Also a couple of animal shots … feel free to use for publicity.
thanks again
Sydney, Australia