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Dear Karen, Heike and other Makutsi people.

Back in Australia now and reflecting on our WONDERFUL stay at Makutsi Safari Springs in October. We have been broadcasting to all our friends how much we enjoyed our stay and how well organised  the whole program  was run.
Attached are some staff photos which we promised to send to your people. I  hope you have time to share with  them as they were very special to us. Also a couple of animal shots … feel free to use for publicity.
thanks again
Sydney, Australia


Hi there Karl and ALL of the team at Makutsi.  

We want you to know how much we enjoyed out visit to you and have shown proudly our photos to family and friends who are amazed at our “finds” and are very keen to see and hear more from our wonderful experiences. Have returned to W.A. 2 weeks ago, via Victoria Falls and Singapore and are enjoying holding dinner parties/drinks (of course) to show the pics and chat about our wonderful holiday.  Easy to recommend you as a preferred choice. You are all passionate with your endeavours and care at Makutsi as a wonderful big family.

Thank you from us Aussies.
Tricia and Graeme Smith

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